DDL001 Phillips DDL702-8HWS (Black/Copper)


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Philips Easykey DDL702-8HWS push-pull door lock
Enjoy touchless unlock experience with 3D face
Philips DDL702-8HWS brings a convenient door opening experience by employing an accurate and efficient 3D facial recognition technology, with the false acceptance rate (FAR) less than 0.0001%*, it allows you to unlock by face scanning. Convenience

3D facial recognition, the quicker way to unlock
Philips DDL702-8HWS comes with a dual camera that simulates human eye imaging to obtain dynamic three-dimensional data of objects and creates 3D images of the user’s face. It can effectively recognize not just people in pictures or videos but also people wearing makeup, which offers you the zero-operation unlocking experience.

Ultrasonic sensing wake-up with power-saving smart detection
When a target approaches and stops in front of the lock, the equipped ultrasonic sensor module will quickly calculate the waves reflected from the target. If it detects a human movement, facial recognition will start to work. Test data shows the power consumption of the ultrasonic sensor module is only 10% of the traditional infrared sensor module, which is highly energy-efficient and guarantees the long-lasting battery life of DDL702-8HWS.

Allow easy connection with built-in Wi-Fi module
A built-in Wi-Fi module allows easy access to the internet. You can check the smart lock access records and PIN code information via the Philips EasyKey App anywhere. Remote distribution of a temporary PIN code makes your home accessible to relatives and friends even if you are not at home.

Indoor infrared sensor unlock
With a touch sensor and an infrared sensor on the handle, the door could be open much simpler. Once the hand touches the touch sensor and the infrared sensor detects the obstruction, the lock will open.

Eliminate the hassle of manually locking the door
Philips DDL702-8HWS utilizes fully automatic mortise. Without the need for any extra action, the deadbolt will spontaneously pop out after you close the door. If the door is not locked fitly, it will trigger an alert to remind you of the door lock status.



1. Facial Recognition
2. Pincode
3. Fingerprint
4. Key
5. Wifi


Swing Type Wooden/Metal/ Aluminum

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Black, Copper