We leverage our strengths to build capabilities that present an advantage to our business and customers.

FIXTECH is a company with credibility, dedication, and objective to provide the highest quality products and deliver estimable services to customers. Founded in 2013, the company boasts its qualified position to operate for complying with all government permits and licenses. We aim to surpass customer expectations with what we offer. At Unit A32a CW Home Depot, West Gate, Alabang Muntinlupa City, the headquarters of FIXTECH.

FIXTECH is proud of its various facets, as well as its social responsibility, sustainability, and innovation. In this digital and connected world, we pride ourselves on the ingenuity ingrained in our practices, policies, and culture. We establish skills that provide our company and clients an edge by leveraging our strengths. To generate and cultivate customer value, we opt to do our best to showcase our distinct edge. We are here to help you, our beloved client, live a safe, cost-effective, and avant-garde life.

Why Choose Us

Strong commitment

We consistently strive to exceed our customers' expectations through adaptability and open-mindedness. We give exceptional customer service, leading to word-of-mouth advertising.

Quality Service

Known for providing excellent service, our company extensively trains our employees and encourages them to go above and beyond and radically think when dealing with a problem or a conflict.

Outstanding after-sales service

We ensure the fulfillment and the fruition of the demands of our customers through our quality-wise products and reputable services.


To be the most trusted service provider of Safety and Smart Products and Services in the Philippines, to aid clients in the rapid and ever-changing world of technology, and to keep a continuous learning environment for all stakeholders to seek and cultivate competitive products and services for the sustenance of customer satisfaction.


We envisage providing the community with better safety, security and smart living. A vision to establish confidence and sustain the trust of customers. We want to be partners with diverse clients in facing and keeping abreast with the ever-changing and continuous advancements in and of technology. Together, we continually service and inspire people to prioritize their necessities.

Core Values

A commitment to our core values has helped FIXTECH build long-term, value-centric relationships with customers.

Integrity is at the heart of all we do. We maintain everything in line with our work practices while focusing on the demands and requests of the customers. It is living out the policies, values, and commitments we instilled in the workplace. Fairness, transparency, and truth are what we hold dear in the enterprise. It is about being unequivocally ethical in every scenario, especially in the most trying circumstances.

We exercise and treat every human being with respect. In FIXTECH, we encourage and empower every individual to learn, engage, and grow. It is part of our practices that we nourish a welcoming and positive atmosphere. We value intellectual, cultural, and personal diversity. We also make the workplace safe for all employees.

The commitment to the company’s and its employees’ continued growth and advancement drives us to perform and provide better. We promote and indulge in lifelong learning. We welcome and value feedback the most from all employees and customers. We believe that all difficulties and setbacks are growth opportunities.

Our satisfaction and affirmation emanate from the success and fulfillment of our clients. We work together to improve our ideas and increase our success; we never settle for the mediocre. We deliver exceptional results. Always.

We believe each customer is distinct, particularly in terms of their preferences. We strive to be flexible and accommodative to our client’s demands. Because clients’ inclinations differ or vary, individuals and work approaches must be flexible and unrestricted.

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