DDL012 LH5100F Chrome/Black


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Fingerprint Recognition Digital Door Lock LOGHOME LH5100F

Quick Information
• Brand Name:LOGHOME
• Place of Origin:Korea
• Model Number :LH5100F

* Apply touch screen pad of simple and modern design
* Password in 3~19 digits can be input
* Can store up to 100 fingerprints
* Built- in fire detection sensor
* Built-in electric shock prevention circuits of high-voltage
* Double locking function from indoor and outdoor
* Set in auto mode or manual mode
* 9V emergency power is supplied
* Sound countrol from low sound to lound sound
* Reset function to slove out program error
* Password Exposure-Proof function
* Low voltage warning-> When working voltage is less than 4.5V, it makes a saved melody when operating
* Equipped with mechanical key for emergency cases (Applied model)
* Alarming for pin-code error, low battery, door closing error

Outer body 75.6(W) x 254.6(H) x 28.5(D)mm Inner Body 74(W) x 230(H) x 34(D)mm


1. Fingerprint
2. Pincode
3. SmartKey (RFID)
4. Key


Swing Type Wooden/Metal/ Aluminum