DDL018 YDM7116A


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5-in-1 Access Smart Lock
Comes in an elegant black color with a progressive fingerprint scanner as well as a sleek keypad touch panel If you have a door which opens on either side, the smart lock can be customised to serve different handing purpose. YDM 7116A also has a pin button built into the door handle, which prevents kids from easily opening the door.

YDM7116A can be paired with our Yale Access module and bridge. Controlling door access is as simple as giving the “lock/unlock” commands and other instructions from your smartphone or smart watch.

Available Colors:
Matte Black

Key Features
Live smart with our home smart lock systems by upgrading your home security system to the all-new Yale Smart Lock. Now you can live smartly by unlocking your door with your fingerprint, RFID key tag, or a pin code.

Fingerprint Access
Secure one touch live fingerprint detection for personalized access. Unique sensor not only provides high security but faster unlocking experience as well.

RFID Key Tag Access
Unlock using your assigned RFID Key Tag. Small as a keychain but serves a big purpose in providing you convenience.

Smart Access
Remotely access your smart lock from anywhere. Be able to track when & who accessed your door just connect to your mobile or smart watch.

Fake PIN Code
To prevent the PIN Code from being exposed, it allows you to enter fake numbers before or after entering your actual PIN Code.

Alarm (Break-in / Damage)
80dB alarm will be triggered if anyone attempts to damage the lock, force the door open.

Automatic Locking
After the door was closed, Yale smart locks automatically locks after 3 seconds. (Manual operation is also available.)

Anti-panic egress with Safe Handle
For convenience and in case of emergency, the door is automatically unlocked whenever the inner lever handle is used. The safe handle will protect from any break-in attempts.

Low battery alarm and emergency power supply terminal
It warns in case of low battery. And when the batteries are completely discharged, you can easily supply emergency power to the lock with a standard 9V battery.

Voice Guide Feature
Lets you know the operation status and how to set each features and modes.


1. 100 Fingerprint
2. 100 Pincode
3. 100 RFID
4. Key
optional : can be connected with app Yale Access Bluetooth Module Yale Access WiFi Bridge


Swing Type Wooden/Metal/ Aluminum